Moving Art Series - 2 Season Bundle

Moving Art Series - 2 Season Bundle

Louie Schwartzberg's ground-breaking series, taking viewers on a visual experience through the natural world. Buy Season 1 & 2, a total of 13 episodes and over 6 hours of content.

Moving Art Series - 2 Season Bundle
  • Moving Art: Oceans

    Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg takes his camera into the deep to allow viewers to experience the power of ocean waves and the sea's underwater splendor.

  • Moving Art: Flowers

    Celebrated filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg takes viewers on an enchanting journey, unveiling the mysteries and wonders of the natural world as elegant flowers come to life through his stunning time-lapse cinematography.

  • Moving Art: Deserts

    The awe and majesty of deserts are captured through the inimitable lens of award winning cinematographer, Louie Schwartzberg. Day and Night-scapes shot in HD 4K time lapse allow the naked eye to watch amazing changes otherwise incapable of admiring. Louie's lens has given a sense of life and warm...

  • Moving Art: Forests

    In between the desert and the ocean, we find Forests. Viewers will marvel at the majesty of nature's gentle giants through the seasons as we journey to California's Redwood Coast, Washington's Olympic National Park and Telluride, Colorado.

  • Moving Art: Waterfalls

    Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg takes viewers to some of the world's most dazzlingly beautiful waterfalls.

  • Moving Art: Underwater

    Filmmaker Howard Hall presents this remarkable film shot in the depths of the ocean, revealing a world of serene beauty.

  • Moving Art: Koh Samui

    Kin to a living desktop, this episode showcases a stunning aerial view of various parts of Thailand and all of its beauty. Pano drone view shots paired with soothing music, it's the perfect blend of ambience.

  • Moving Art: Iceland

    Witness the spectacular terrain and hover above the remote island where glaciers and waterfalls meet under the Northern Lights sky.

  • Moving Art: Africa

    Filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert highlight the incredible animals and beautiful landscapes that make up the African continent and welcome viewers to immerse themselves in a land where the wildlife needs our protection.

  • Moving Art: Whales & Dolphins

  • Moving Art: Angkor Wat

  • Moving Art: Big Sur

  • Moving Art: Galapagos